“For me, THIS was a fuckin hot video. I normally don’t get turned on by guys with long hair - but Kip Johnson is WAAAAY too fuckin handsome with an awesome sexy bod and cock - he could get away with any hair style and be hot. I prefer men on edge videos that have a storyline rather than the audition type videos in that big room. For me this video with the storyline was hot because it adds to the fantasy of a beautiful dude at the mercy of other guys who lust after them. I like the tongue in cheek (or dick in cheek) aspect too that Van and Sebastian bring to these videos with a storyline! They have chemistry and play off each other great (Van falling out of the window in that Jett Jax video was fuckin funny as hell - and added - didn’t detract - from that hot video). “
— -laneeric Oct 17, 2015
I LOVE KIP!! And I hope he never cuts his hair! It’s glorious!!

— -MzBerlin, Dec 30, 2013
Kip is a beautiful man. size 14 feet?!?!

— -blksung1 Sep 21, 2015
awesome! I go dream of Kip now.
— — violetyoshi Dec 9, 2016
I had to watch this again!! KIP IS SO HOT!!
— Wickbaby Dec 14, 2013
Any Scene with Kip Johnson in it is a good scene.
— powersox Sep 3, 2015
Kip is so fucking cute!!!!

— iwiw40k Sep 6, 2014