An Unforgettable Date Is Only A Click Away…

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 If You Want To Escape The Monotony Of Your Daily Life And Share An Unforgettable Moment With A Young, Intelligent, handsome porn star And Have All But Given Up...


…Here's what you've been waiting for!

  • Do you spend hours surfing through dozens of companion ads just to realize they all look the same?

  • Are you tired of setting up dates just to end up meeting someone that looks nothing like their picture?

  • Do you fear that whomever you meet may be indiscreet?

Kip Johnson is just the perfect combination of face and body type for me. What a sexy guy—and the hair is so hot. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
— lthrpadd77 Jun 26, 2014

So Picture This...

...You are able to steal away for a moment and share time with a smart, handsome model that will disrupt your routine in the best way imaginable.

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 But kip, How Will I Know We're Compatible?

You and I have more in common than you think...

I know what it's like to be a slave to the 9 to 5 grind (although sometimes it's really more like 7 to 8).

I know the unpredictability of surprise business meetings, delayed flights, and fearing that by the end of the day, if you hear the ding of one more email notification, you might finally lose it once and for all and flush the phone down the toilet.

I know the frustration of realizing that it seems like you're living the same boring day over and over like on Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day".

I watched it again because of kip.
— gressus Jul 17, 2014

 A day with Kip feels like...

Because I love what I do, I meet every date with the utmost excitement, enthusiasm, and respect. 

I'm flexible: we can have a brief encounter or we can slow it down  get to know one another over drinks.

As an educated and experienced talent, you can expect me to be an active participant and completely engrossed in our conversations.

Any Scene with Kip Johnson in it is a good scene.
— powersox Sep 3, 2015

Want to know what I love more than the finest Cabernet Sauvignon or lack of underwear?

The fact that I only work, AT MOST, 10 HOURS A WEEK!

Therefore, the moment you decide we might be a good fit, it is in your best interest to immediately arrange a engagement as I have a very limited amount of slots! 


What is the fastest way to book a meeting?

What are your expectations?

Do you like to brought gifts by friends? 

Do you travel?

Do you take last minute appointments?

Where are you located?

Wow.. how could I have missed this video! Kip has such a perfect size 14 feet and the oiling and tickling of his feet is awesome!
— Dbt99_2000 Nov 28 2014

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What a big and incredibly hot guy Kip is. Have him back! I also loved his moaning and yelling through the gags; fantastic. Having him spread-eagled at the beginning was also super sexy. Great shoot!
— Parysatis Dec 27, 2013

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Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is simply for the time expended in the delivery of companionship. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal preference between adults of legal age and are not contracted for, not is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer or insinuation of prostitution. Fees charged are for time spent only. By contacting me in any way, you hereby agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or arrest.